#MissMakesCode Online Curriculum - Course 1 by Sarah Moran

#MissMakesCode Online Curriculum - Course 1

What's included?

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Overview: Messages from a #MissMaker
Setting Up #MissMakesCode
Printable: Teacher Guide
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Printable: Assessment Rubric
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Printable: Key Vocabulary Posters
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Mini Session: eSafety Passwords
Lesson Content: #MissMakesCodes eSafety
Printable: Flashcards
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Algorithmic Thinking 1
Lesson Content: Plant a Seed
Printable: Flashcards
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Printable: Worksheet
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Mini session: Learn to Drag and Drop
Lesson Content: The Basics
Algorithmic Thinking 2
Lesson Content: Sequence
Printable: Compass Poster
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Loops (The Iteration)
Lesson Content: Loops and Loops
Printable: The Iteration Dance Poster
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Loops 2
Lesson Content: Loops & more Loops
Lesson Content: Events
Printable: Event-O-Meter
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Developing a Story in the Play Lab 1
Lesson Content: Your story
Printable: Play Lab Story
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Developing the Story in the Play Lab 2 and Event Handlers
Lesson Content: Developing the Story in Play Lab 2 and Event Handlers
Student Play Lab App
Lesson Content: Storytime
Printable: Play Lab App Sharing Instructions
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Sharing and eSafety
Sharing Online
eSafety Lesson Plan
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Printable: Sharing Online Worksheet
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Extension activities for Accelerated Students
Hour of Code